Lucerne – Post Office – Hauptpost

Bahnhofpl. 4

The Swiss post industry history goes back to 1849.  The country realized the possibilities of additional exchange with the blooming of the tourism industry by being an early adopter of the postcard. In 1870, Switzerland was the 4th country to introduce it into its postal offer.

Between 1880 and 1900, about 25 postal buildings were built in the country to respond to the increasing demand to send messages and parcels.  The Lucerne massive structure was built in 1888 and will likely grab your attention with its 4 statues standing above Corinthian columns. They represent post, telegraph, shipping and railways. It is still the post office building.

The industry has changed over the years but the office on Bahnhofpl remains spectacular and an example of the importance of communication in the country.