Joliette – Train station

We have in Joliette a rare historical train station still in service.  While it seems great, I have to admit that the station’s exterior is not currently at its best condition.  A metal gate limits access next to the building that needs supporting beams.  The platform desperately requires repair and the interior does not seem much better. 

The station is open during specific limited times and it is possible to access the interior but small glimpses did not reveal any special elements but unfinished abandoned work.

The grounds were not well kept.  The station is at the end of a road right next to an overpass and the surroundings are also not inviting.  This is unfortunate since the users could have access to an indoor waiting room while many other cities only offer a concrete platform with just a few seats and not necessarily a roof. 

We hope that this 1901 two-story red brick building gets in better shape for its future and ensures stability in service to Montreal and Quebec. It does have potential.