Halifax – Alexander Keith Brewery

1496 Lower Water Street

The gold refreshing alcoholic Indian Pale Ale beverage, carrying its founder’s name, is known way beyond Nova Scotia’s provincial borders.

Even if you are not a fan of beer, Mr. Keith was a businessman that exceeded the brewing role.  Emigrating from Scotland, when he arrived he already had learned the brewing secrets from his uncle in his country of origin.

Once in Halifax, he was first hired by Bogg’s Brewery. After being a manager he decided to buy it, make some adjustments and change the name. Alexander Keith Brewery was founded in 1820. The current location, on Lower Water Street, is larger than the original place and has been since 1837.

Once having his beer factory well in place, he got involved in different organizations: banking, insurance, water, just to name a few. In addition, he became engaged politically and was the mayor of the city for a few years.

He chose to build a house in 1863 directly at the back of the brewery facing Hollis Street.  I read that Keith Hall and the brewery are connected via a tunnel, but I’m unsure of the information.

Mr. Alexander Keith was a renowned and respected resident of Halifax. For his funeral, the city was shut down to allow the population to attend. A procession from his residence to his resting place in Camp Hill Cemetery was organized in December 1873.

The brewery still exists today but has been under the organization of a multibranding company. The Alexander Keith pale ale beer is known way beyond Nova Scotia’s provincial borders.

The brewery is a short walking distance from the waterfront if you are interested in visiting.

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