Dominica – Roseau (the capital)

Roseau is the capital of the country and the place where you will likely arrive by boat. If you happen to arrive by plane, it’s another story. Refer to the section: Driving Dominica-overview post for details.

Within the capital, you find the biggest agglomeration of infrastructure to fill your standard needs.  Roseau is a fairly small town and you will have very little options to explore the natural treasures if you are not going further.

While the country is not big, the road to reach your destination can be tumultuous. Some wonders can take 3 hours to reach by foot from the starting point, so if it is your plan, don’t wait to get there.

In the capital you can find: the Lion Bridge, the Botanical Garden, the market, the presidential residence and the library.

Please note that no world renown accommodations are available on the island, only small independent hotels.


A small bridge with lions on each side connects the eastbound to Roseau. The Chinese style lions are a nice representation of the Dominican/Chinese friendship. They also helped with rebuilding the country after one of the previous hurricanes.


Fresh produce, people smiling and chatting. Since it is obvious that I’m a visitor, the deals are not so good. You may have better prices at the IGA grocery store.

The current market sits on the location where slaves were sold.  


Well, Dominica is not the same as it used to be. Many attractions are not the same from previous reviews dating prior to 2017.

Since it was my first visit, it was difficult to know what was gone. This place has been cleared from debris and you can walk on the grounds but there is not much to do.

On this site, there is the smashed school bus from a previous hurricane that shows the power /destruction of those natural disasters. It was definitely not the first time in 2017 that the country faced a natural disaster.

I learned too late that there is a second part of the garden on top of the hill that gives you a nice view of the city. Maybe you won’t miss it.


By the water, in Roseau, there was a nice library but now it is in need of major repair due to the massive damage created in the September 2017 hurricane.

Even a year later, they still have a lot to do in terms of infrastructure, roads, buildings, attractions and electricity. We wish them luck in the rebuilding of this building. In August 2018, it was closed.


Just on the outskirts of Roseau, there is an imposing white-gated building with nice grounds. It is the president’s residence. It is unclear if it was open for visits but it did not seem like it when we were there. It looked like this building was either not affected by the category 5 hurricane in 2017 or  the reconstruction was completed, at least from the street view.


There is a park just by the road that caught my eye when we went by. In this park, cement benches have been moved around, maybe by the strong winds but it seems to be an easy fix, but there is so much to do. Anyway, I walked to the statute with the kids and noticed that this place also used to be a playground. Sadly, it was empty.


To honor the ones who have lost their lives during World War I, a tower on which the names of the lost souls are indicated sits in a small square.


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