Montreal – Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site

The museum, opposite the massive Convent of the Sisters of Ste-Anne, was once a fur trading place.  The site was actually a warehouse where they stored the fur. The building was built in 1803 next to the water permitting easy access for exchange.  It is a single floor rectangular stone building next to the Canal Lachine.  It was purchased by the Hudson Bay Company in 1833 and sold to the Sisters of Sainte-Anne in 1861 and has been a museum since 1985.  The fur trade is part of history taught at school so this museum/building is an easy way to substantiate a learned subject.

The building is in a beautiful environment in the Promenade Pere-Marquette next to the old Canal Lachine section. Walking here is like going back in time.

Other place to visit in the area: Parc Rene-Levesque, Fleming Mill, LeBer-LeMoyne House and Lachine Museum.

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