Vienna – Augustinerkirche

Unlike other royal constructions, this 1339 construction is so discrete that you may not notice it when you walk by.  Don’t look for an impressive dome or bell towers. The church’s white façade dissimulates in its surrounding and does not stand alone on Josefsplatz square. The Saint-Augustin Church has a very modest exterior but hides invaluable historical treasures and secrets.

For years the church was the royal, private, religious retreat and held historical events.  Between those walls royal weddings occurred including Archduchess Maria Theresa and the Duke Francis of Lorraine, the Archduchess Marie Louise and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte from France and Duchess Elisabeth of Bavaria (Sissi) and Emperor Frank Joseph I to name a few.

One of the chapels has a special unusual Habsburg heritage. The Loreto Chapel religiously keeps silver urns holding the hearts of the dynasty rulers while their bodies are resting in the Imperial Crypt under Capucine Church.

The marble tomb of Archiduchess Maria Christina is beautiful but does not hold the body of this royal member.

The church is next to the State National Library.

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