Vienna – Monument – Plague Column (Pestsaule)

Even if I had realized during our 2017 visit that this monument was a pledge to save the people, I never thought that we would live though a pandemic time too. After all, this was back in 1679. 

The Black Plague did cause major loss of lives in Vienna. This column was an “agreement” made by Emperor Leopold I, as a sign of gratitude when the tragic plague epidemic would end.

The Emperor kept his promise and the Plague Column was ordered. A temporary wood version was erected but later a solid stone monument was ordered.  While many artists worked on the project, the ensemble is emotional.  It is a representation of the end of the devastating illness, hope and spiritual faith.

Inaugurated in 1694, the 69 foot tall monument sits on Graben Street in the city center and shows some fragile spots.

I’ve been remembering this place in the past few months. I wonder why!

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