Budapest – Gerbeaud Cafe

Vörösmarty tér 7-8

To many, Gerbeaud Café is a must see while visiting Budapest.  I got a lecture after returning from my first visit so I made sure to include it in my itinerary for our second trip.

This place is part of a Hungarian success story. In 1858, Mr. Kugler opened a traditional coffeehouse.  It was in 1870 that it moved to its current location in Vorosmarty Ter.

From what I understand, Mr. Kugler was a pioneer in offering some of his delicatessens, wrapped in paper to go.  The business was a success.  As Mr. Kugler did not have a successor, he found Mr. Emile Gerbeaud, in 1882.  They became partners and the business was strengthened by Mr. Gerbeaud’s confectionery family background.

Following Mr. Gerbeaud’s passing in 1919, his wife managed the company until 1940. Afterwards, things were chaotic for a few years.  The name and interior décor changed as it went through World War II. However, in 1995 they decided to go back in time: to the original name and interior design which was greatly influenced by French heritage.

This café has a certain charm, tradition and of course, an excellent product. After all, the Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) also tasted the exquisite pastries.

Enjoy your visit.

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