Montreal – Redpath Museum

On the McGill University main campus in Montreal there is one, if not the oldest Museum in Canada: The Redpath Museum. Built in 1882, it was originally the exhibit hall of the Sir William Dawson collections. Today, it is a small compact educational historic museum in a beautiful surrounding neighborhood.  The museum is free to access but a donation is welcomed.

The museum presents a summarized but stunning collection on a diversity of subjects that are sure to bring multiple discussions and improve your knowledge on many aspects. The format of the presentation is a little bit old but there is so much rich information that it is a must to visit.  Unfortunately, the 3 story museum is an old building without an elevator and no air conditioning. I recommend reviewing the website for any last-minute closures due to heat waves, so if you have difficulties with breathing on a warm summer day, you may want to postpone your visit.

What can you see: Seashells, fossils, meteorites, dinosaur skeletons, rocks and minerals, taxidermy of Quebec animals, Samorai armor, mummies, shrunken heads, dental instruments and more.

So, if you are on Sherbrooke Street and you want to enter the main gate of the McGill University grounds, go up the grounds and on your left you will find the museum.

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