Montreal – Place Jean-Paul Riopelle

Situated very close to old Montreal, you may want to include it in your visit or start your next day at this place and move towards downtown. 

Mr. Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002) was a Montreal born artist, known for his sculptures and paintings.

La Joute (the joust/the game) is an art from Riopelle dating back to 1976 which was originally located closer to the Olympic Stadium.  After his passing, a square was dedicated to him.  Along with his statue at one end, La Joute was moved here to complete the square.

In the summer, la Joute is surrounded by a round basin of water and a line of fire.  The square also provides benches and a variety of native trees.

Mr. Riopelle has been internationally recognized for his work. While you have one example in the square, the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal hosts some of his work. The colorful Palais des Congres (Convention Center) and the Intercontinental Hotel are next to the square.

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