Antigua – Shirley Heights

This used to be a military complex.

Reasons to go to Shirley’s Heights: the views, the ruins, the trails, the restaurant/bar, the party, the sunset.

The Views / lookout: This is the main reason you want to go. It is very nice and you are at about 490ft.

The Ruins: Well the maintenance does not seems to be a priority. Unfortunately, it might become too late if and when they decide. The fence surrounding the ruins has fallen and information is limited. You just stroll around the site at your rhythm.

The trails: We did the lookout trail. We did not know but it runs down to Galleon Beach. It is a steep walk about 15min down and 20min up. Faster if you are in shape. It was nice but not much to see in terms of plants and wildlife. Still we appreciate it and found the way to go down the beach.

The restaurant/bar: Very nice restored building and grounds. Mongoose are present in this area. The party is held here and I guess it is a good spot for the sunset. We did not stay that late.

I recommend that you don’t make this place your only destination on a tour. Combine this site with another one.

If you are driving, you will drive uphill and at one point you will have to choose. 

On one side you will reach the Blockhouse, the ruins and nice views of the area. 

On the other side, the road dead ends at the Shirley Heights Lookout. The guardhouse is now a restaurant-bar that hosts the famous Sunday-afternoon party with live bands. The trail to Galleon beach is next to the building.

The entrance ticket includes: Nelson’s Dockyard, Shirley Heights and Dow’s Hill interpretation center.

Dow’s Hill Interpretation Center

Nice exterior building, some cactus but the place was close on a Sunday afternoon in August.

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