Antigua – Saint John’s

Saint John’s is the capital of Antigua and also the location of the major port on the island.

In the city, you will find the museum of Antigua and Barbuda, St. John’s Cathedral, a colorful monument to V.C. Bird is next to the Public Market and a status of Prince Klaas. Next to the port, two Quay: Heritage and Redcliffe.

Heritage Quay – If you are here to shop…

Heritage Quay is located in the city of St. John’s. Very close to the ferry docking.

If you are a shopper, it is a high concentration stores area in an open-air mall two story concept: clothing, jewelry, souvenirs awaits for you. You can also just walk around.

It is also a place to just take a drink and relax.

This type of place is rare in Antigua and it is not a representation of the island. I would not be surprise if there is only one. Since there was no ferry when we went, it was very very quiet.

If you feel the pricing on the high level, do not be surprise. The pricing is very high in Antigua, compared to where I live, but it is for most things and not only in this place it is everywhere on the island.

While on the Heritage Quay you can have an easy access to the Redcliffe Quay which has another charm.

Redcliffe Quay – Colorful historical site

An oldest parts of the town, I personally preferred Redcliffe Quay over the Heritage Quay but they are close by so you can do the comparison yourself.

If i understood correctly, this is the “old market” where it used to be trading place for slaves and sugar.

It is quieter than the Heritage Quay. It is a group of little shops (colorful individual cabin style shops) where you can find shade. Restaurants and cafes are in this area as well.

St.John Cathedral

The restoration of the St. John Cathedral looks completely stopped. I do not know for how long it is in this condition but it does not look like it will open soon.

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