Quebec City – Getting around

LOWER TOWN / UPPER TOWN (Basse-ville / Haute-ville)

The delimitation of the old Quebec, the Haute-Ville and the other areas was not clear to me.

I had to google it to understand something so obvious. Downtown Quebec City is divided into two parts, Upper Town and Lower Town which only depends on altitude. Lower Town is mainly the old port and the Petit-Champlain area – between the cap and the river.  The Upper Town is a wide area that sits on top of Cap Diamant. 

To me, you should visit both part to have a complete experience of the city.

If you want to reach the Lower Town when on Upper Town or vice versa, you can walk the streets, walk down the stairs or take the funicular.

Old Quebec is part of the Haute Ville, so is Parliament Hill, the Plains of Abraham, many religious buildings, the Chateau Frontenac, the City Hall and many more historical buildings.

There are also many squares and parks are around the city and some include splash pads.  Some parks in the Upper Town include De l’Esplanade, Des Gouverneurs and Montmorency parks just to name a few.

When I walked into the Lower Town I felt relaxed and just happy to wander around and see what the next corner would bring me. You can explore around for hours and I recommend on foot, it is the best way.

Can’t wait to go again.

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