Quebec – Parliament

Just outside of the walled town, standing tall is the 8 floor Parliament building. 

Completed in 1886, it has, of course, been extended and improved. The imposing building where statues are on and around the parliament reminds us of the presence of significant people who have marked the region.

For example, at the foot of the central tower, two large sculptures pay tribute to the First Nations for their hospitality. Others are politicians or public figures who have been involved in the establishment of the city.

This building is a good representation of the expression: Je me souviens (I remember)

When on Parliament hill, you can see:

  • Parliament Building
    • Status
    • Library
    • Cabinet of the prime minister
  • The Parliament Gardens
  • Walk of the First Ministers
  • Monument honoring women in politics
  • Monument of Maurice Duplessis

And just across the street the Fountain of Tourny.

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