Ottawa – Supreme court of Canada

301, Wellington

Very close to Parliament Hill, the Supreme Court is set back somewhat from the road to make way for a large green space between the street and the building.

This construction was erected between 1938 and 1940 under the plans of Ernest Cormier to specifically house the highest legal authority in the country and, therefore, the seat of the last possible federal legal recourse in civil, criminal, administrative and constitutional matters.

The establishment of judicial system with courts was established in 1875. The first offices were built on Parliament Hill but the needs evolved. It was decided to build a new site instead of renovating the existing one due to the state of the original building requiring too much work.

However, we want the new place to have a reminder of the historical aspect. The very steep copper roof reminds us of the castle style similar to the parliament building. The gray granite and the massive architecture show a serious and solidly anchored character. Approach the building to see the statues of Ivstitia (Justice) and Veritas (Truth).

It is possible, by appointment, to take a guided tour of the site. The visit is free of charge and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

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