Ottawa – Canada Science and Technology Museum

1867 Saint-Laurent

If you want to realize your age, go see this museum. The more memories of your childhood you will find there, the older you are. When we chose to visit the Science and Technology Museum, which was renovated in 2017, it was actually out of curiosity.

The museum reminds us of the incredible developments we have experienced over the years. It is a historical return in different spheres of our daily lives: transportation, housing, goods around us, and sports.

By knowing our strengths and capabilities, we want to indirectly captivate innovation toward other developments. This vast museum remains on the verge of rediscovering the past.

The spaces allow the youngest to run around and touch everything while the adults are stunned to realize that they know so many artifacts.

The scientific demonstrations that take place periodically are captivating.

I appreciated the train section, the bicycles, and the kitchen appliances. I laughed at realizing that I recognized so many things and that I could explain to my children what they are without reading the explanations.

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