Guadeloupe – Saut d’Acomat


A highlight of our visit to Guadeloupe was certainly the Saut d’Acomat. Considered easy to access, be aware that the difference in altitude is noteworthy, but not long to get to this magnificent place. In about 15 minutes, with good shoes and a bit of confidence, you’ll realize the walk is worth it. Once down, the waterfall is on the left. Some prefer to keep their shoes on to avoid slipping on the rocks, while others take them off. It is up to you.

Bring your swimsuits, towels, and picnic here so you can have fun in an exceptional natural environment. The vegetation around the site is incredibly beautiful and verdant. Here, you will find a cool space.

For those interested, the waterfall is 9 meters high and pours into a large natural pool of turquoise water.

Be careful, do not dive and even swimming is prohibited. It is indicated and for good reason. Tragic events have taken place there. I was personally unable to watch the intrepid youngsters jump into the pool. The directions are clear. The bottom is rocky and the whirlpools can drag adventurers to death.

By car, it’s simple. Follow the road signs and when you see cars parked along the road, it’s time to find your spot. There is no dedicated parking. People park along the road.

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