Guadeloupe – ACTe Memorial

A modern architectural work attracts our attention in Pointe-à-Pitre. The huge metal structure is within walking distance of Place de la Victoire, prominently displayed in the distance.

This memorial, inaugurated in 2015, is built on the site of the former Darboussier sugar factory and this large building is not only a commemorative site but also a museum; a museum that presents poignant events of human trafficking that took place on the island and also in the Caribbean.

This center is intended to be instructive and is interspersed with works of art inspired by a not-so-distant past. During your visit to the site, you will learn the context of the forced uprooting. We are reminded of the conditions for the transfer of slaves from Africa and their arrival in the new lands. Explanations are given on the living conditions of the Caribbean slaves, but also remind us that some forms of slavery still exist today.

The unique architecture includes two black boxes with the museum on one side and the activity room on the other. The metallic lace on the second level recalls the roots of a cursed fig tree anchored to the ground.

The Memorial is a garden located on the Morne Mémoire accessible by a footbridge. It was a place where slaves who were granted the right to a mini-break on a Sunday came. Despite the recent creation of the skywalk, during rain, the access is closed for safety.

Here are some key things to know about this place.

  • Free: yes, but without audioguide – August 2022
  • Photos: photos are prohibited in the museum and digital devices must be left in a locker (€1) outside the reception.
  • Backpacks: bags and telephones are prohibited and must be left in a locker (€1).
  • Research: it is possible to research your ancestors on the island

Have a good visit!

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