Guadeloupe – Musée Edgar-Clerc Museum

Edgar Clerc, born in 1915 in Martinique, adopted Guadeloupe and was fascinated by its history. He was at the heart of important archaeological finds on the island. Over the years, he accumulated such a collection of works of art that he chose, in 1977, to donate them. Seven years later, and after his passing, a museum was created and his collection is presented there along with other donated artifacts. The museum bears his name and presents the history of Guadeloupe which dates back to before colonization and presents a good range of discoveries. Several explanatory panels, a garden and two rooms contain interesting old finds including pottery, jewelry, symbolic objects, elements related to mortuary rites, petroglyphs, models and more.

Some of these items were discovered on the site of the current Ouatibi-Tibi Park not far from the museum and still in the town of Moule.

Admission is free and allowed us to learn more about the island.

If you haven’t had the chance to see the petroglyphs at the Parc des Roches Gravées, you will find original rocks here at the museum.

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