Lucerne – Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee)

The beauty of Lucerne is a group of elements from which the lake is part. Indeed, Lake Lucerne, also named Vierwaldstattersee or the Four Cantons Lake due to the merge of Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden and Lucerne, brings a quiet countryside to a city that can get busy. Cruises are offered to explore but you can also stroll by the shore. Lucerne, being between the mountains of Pilatus and Rigi, displays a splendid panorama with the Alps in the background.

Notice to those interested, it is possible to go around Lake Lucerne but be aware that it is a journey of several days which must be organized before leaving.

The lake was formed following the icy melt. We can imagine that the water is cold even in summer. The vestiges of this era, which date back more than 12,000 years, can be admired in the Glacier Garden in Lucerne.

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