Dominica – Trafalgar Falls

Not one but two waterfalls

Dominica has many beautiful sites and trails that require time to explore, endurance and a guide. The reason why Trafalgar Falls are so popular is its accessibility from the capital, Roseau, a 20 minute drive but also on foot once you reach the entrance of the park.  The falls are part of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a national treasure of the island. No need for a guide to reach the falls here. The viewing platform is an easy walk of about 10-15 minutes from the parking lot.

Your experience and appreciation of this place will depend on a few factors: number of visitors, current and recent weather.

The site offers two slim, tall waterfalls with warm pools where you can sit and appreciate the lush green surroundings while chatting with locals.

The waterfalls, nicknamed the “Papa and Mama” or “Father and Mother” respectively.  The falls are 125ft (38m) and 75ft (23m) high and have at their base huge rocks /boulders making your way for a closer look hazardous and tricky. Climbing the rocks is at your own risk. There is no secret or best path if you choose to adventure in one way or another.

A trail might be accessible when you are visiting if it was not damaged due to a devastating hurricane a few months before our visit. Each falls have a different source of water. The Father Falls diverse water originates from the Freshwater Lake while the Mother Falls water is from the Breakfast River (or Morne Trois Pitons River).

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