Halifax – St. Mary’s Basilica

5221 Spring Garden Road

The construction of St. Mary’s Basilica started in 1820 and officially opened to the public in 1829. It was first named St. Peter’s since it was on the site of the 1784 wooden Roman Catholic Church. It was changed to the current name when the wooden church was dismantled and moved to Dartmouth.

The gothic design construction is made of local white granite and was the first stone church to be built in Nova Scotia.

The church was expanded to its current size in 1869. The spire was so heavy that they had to also adjust the design of the front of the building. The white granite façade and spire is the tallest in North America at 58 meters (189 ft). Look at the details, the edge of the spire, the front door and its contour. It feels like the religious creation derives from another country.

The church is open during the celebration of mass at noon daily. I do not know if it only happens to me, but the timing was not good for us.

It is located at the corner of Spring Garden and Barrington in front of the old burial grounds and close to St. Matthew’s Church.