Halifax – Henry House

1222 Barrington Street

When I walked around the surrounding area, I could not miss this construction. I could only believe that this establishment had a history and I was not wrong.  The exterior stone work shows distinctive and exclusive features.

The building was actually built between 1834-1835 by a real estate businessman, Mr. John Metzler. The asymmetrical, darker side stone, the lighter coloured window stone contours and their placement are certainly unique.  The lighter in color front granite stone gives a contrasting appearance when mixed with the darker colour of the ironstone.

The exterior architecture surely deserves your attention. Look at the porch. While it was added in 1870, it totally blends in with the work.

The name Henry’s House originated from an illustrious tenant, Mr. William Alexander Henry, who was an active politician. Just to give you an idea, he was mayor, a member of the Province House of Assembly, one of the Father’s of Confederation and was the first man from Nova Scotia to be named judge at the Supreme Court.  That is just to name a few. He was a busy man and he lived at this address between 1854 and 1864.

Today and for years, it was and still is a restaurant and a pub. It is a rare opportunity to visit the interior of this more than 185 year old building.

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