Halifax – FireWorks Gallery

1569 Barrington Street

On a rare occasion I will point you to a store. However, nowadays we hardly see unique ornamental décor to buildings. We see modernization of façades but the addition of decorative elements is uncommon. Of course, it can be expensive in a competitive world especially when added to existing buildings but art is art. It may please some and displease others. Nonetheless, I’ve come to realize that it brings sparkles, richness and a distinctive allure when well planned.

So bravo to FireWorks Gallery in Halifax. I truly believe they deserve our attention. They found an elegant way to transform their logo to a rooftop gem that expands the width of the building. The golden dragon sitting above the giant diamond and the black lotus style flower with the well portioned detailed ornamental pillars on which a golden crown is attached on the top at each end bring contrast and class.

During a visit to the city, you are likely to find its distinguishing feature.