Budapest – Gresham Palace

The Four-Seasons Hotel is ideally located on the Pest side of Budapest, practically next to the Danube, on the opposite side of a square. Some rooms have an ideal view of the Chain Bridge. 

At this location, at first, an important insurance company of London purchased the building for rental income.  After a few years, they wanted to have a foreign location for senior members that offered both office space and residential property in the same location. This site was selected.  However, the original building did not entirely fulfill their needs and vision.  The old building had to go to make place for a bigger construction, a palace.

The insurance company was Gresham Life Assurance Company. Sir Thomas Gresham was the founder of the Royal Exchange of London, thus explaining the name of the palace.

And voila! In 1906, the Gresham Palace was complete.   However, during the Second World War, this prestigious place of work was occupied by the army. As time went by, the luxurious building became outdated and dilapidated. It later became an apartment building under the communist regime.  Finally, 2 years after the end of said regime, the potential of this building was recognized, and work began to return this building to its palatial potential. The Four Seasons completed renovation and opened its doors in 2004.

Today, the hotel offers 179 rooms and suites, some of which provide amazing views.