Prague – St. Ignatius Church

The Church of St. Ignatius, built after the second half of the 17th century, was meant to be dominant and is claimed to be the 3rd largest Jesuit church in Europe. St. Ignatius was, after all, the founder of the Jesuits order.

The strong presence of the Jesuit community in Prague was sufficient to soften the indignation of the population caused by the halo statue of St.Ignatius standing on the top of the church. The aureole was, to many, only reserved to represent Jesus Christ. However, the Jesuits influenced and overturned the skeptics.

Another interesting element is a message written below the statue of St.Ignatius that reads:  MAIORI DEI GLORIAE et SANCTI IGNAZII HONORI PIAETAS EREXIT. Difficult to find a common Latin translation I understand the message would be similar to : Erected in the honor of the great glory of God and devotion of St Ignatius.

The sculptures here are a nice detailed touch to the exterior architecture.

The interior of the church is also special. The mixed colors of pink, white and gold give it a rich styling. A niche with the Virgin Mary is particular and the overall of this church makes this church a place to visit.

The church is off the standard tourist path and is next to Charles Square. We combined this visit with a stop at the churches of Saints Cyril and Methodius as well as St. Ludmila in Peace Square.

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