Montreal – Dominion Square Building

1010, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest (West)

Built between 1928-1930, the Dominion Square Building presents multiple benefits to me. First, it combines various needs: office, retail stores and a tourism center. Second, its location. The front of the building is on a commercial street; not just any street, but Ste-Catherine Street, and on the other side of this construction, there is a park perfect for a break. It is also accessible by public transport and offers in-ground parking.  Third, it has style.  There is an elegant lamp at the entrance from Sainte-Catherine Street. For a long time, it was the Gazette Building, Montreal’s English newspaper.  Now “We Work” has taken its place. The design of the building, in shape of an “E”, allows it to have multiple offices with windows. The building is often praised by workers.

The office building has an escalator which was very avant-garde at the time of its construction.

As mentioned above, the building is also next to a park. It is now Square Dorchester but was previously the Dominion Square.

The infotourist center is also located in this building if you need additional advice on what to do in Montreal or simply want a map.

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