Naxos – Castle – Kastro

There was a time where cities needed to protect from invaders and one way was to build a fortress.  Naxos had to do so as well. Today, these solidly build fortress / castle, while no longer in function, can be accessible.  On top of the Naxos City hill, you will notice the old castle wall section, name Kastro.

As per many Greek towns, the city can be visited on foot only.  It is the case in this area.  No car can access this neighborhood. 

In these pleasant streets you will walk in beautifully arranged frontways, quaint local shops, taverns and cafes which are in an enchanted surrounding and where the medieval architectural elements present a completely different feeling that is worthwhile a visit. You can visit museums, churches in this area.

We were there in August and it was quiet.

Coat of arms

While meandering in the Castro sector you will notice that some residence has a coat of arm visible from the street.  This traditional way of family identification was used by old Venetian origin families.

Today, the crest remains but owners are not the same. An example is at the Barozzi house. 

Catholic Cathedral

As part of the Castro area in Naxos town, you can find a medieval catholic church.  Build during the Venetian rule, it is something to see. Interesting interior.

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