Antigua – Donkey Sanctuary

Caring for donkeys

First, we need to remember that donkeys have played an important role for the sugar industry in Antigua. Today, it is not the same. For agricultural work, they have been replaced by pick -up trucks.

Consequently, you will see donkeys wondering on the roads with nowhere to go. Well, the Donkey Sanctuary is a place that will welcomed and care for them.

At the sanctuary, we were greeted by a volunteer who gave us brushes and opened a gate where some of the donkeys are kept.

A cement walking path allows you to walk on a level surface but you are allow to walk around. The donkeys do not run after you, you have to reach to them. Some will walk away, some will stay for a while when you brush them.

Don’t laugh, we arrived with open-toe shoes but it was all right. Droppings were everywhere but it’s the dry type so we were fine.

We felt safe. Surprisingly, donkeys are calm and passive. You will learn about some of them including Stevie who is blind.

It was a peaceful odd short experience but not necessary an exciting one. We drove to this place and we were pretty much alone (mid August).

It is a charity-run place so, of course, it would help if you give a donation or if you can adopt one.

For those traveling with kids, they might be happy to see the kitty section looking for a new home.

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