Antigua – Devil’s Bridge

Natural rock formation

Nice unique rock formation from turbulent water and waves. Not a place to swim for sure. If you fall in this water… I don’t think you will survive. I’m so happy that we did not witness any kind of crazy thing. To me, no one should be walking on this bridge it at any time but that my opinion. Also note that there is no protection whatsoever to limit the access to the edge. I’m unsure if i would bring young kids here.

The bridge is on the right side of the park.

Sad historical facts about this place are not mentioned, no commemoration and no information. This will be a short stop. There is nothing else to see in the park.

About or even less than one hour by car to reach this place from St-John’s. However, if you go by yourselves, which we did, take a 4×4 and a GPS and remember, you drive on the left side. On part of the road close to the bridge is large rounded rocks on an uneven path but it’s free to access.

No bathroom on site but some vendors.

If you would like to combine this activity with a beach, there is Long Bay beach not too far – about 8 minutes by car.

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