Quebec – Place Royale

A major commercial center in the early days, Place Royale has witnessed several major events dating back to the very beginning of the colonization.

Today the bust of Louis XIV is presented in its center and is surrounded by historic buildings/ mansions and includes the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Victories. This is the oldest surviving stone church in North America.

Beautiful historical site.

Church of Our Lady of Victories (Eglise Notre Dame des Victoires)

One of the oldest church in North America, this small religious church sits on the ruins of Champlain’s first settlement.  It fits perfectly in this neighborhood full of historical building and squares.

Fresque des Quebecers

If you are at the Place Royale you are very close to this mural.  

This fresco pays tribute to historic personage.  I should have pay more attention.  It is at the image of the neighborhood, it fits perfectly in this area.

An historian can have a class in front of this mural to show younger generation and travelers the heritage of the Quebec culture in sports, music and key figures.

Very well done.

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