Montreal – Marche Jean-Talon

The Jean-Talon Market attracts its customers with colorful displays of fresh produce from local market gardeners. Come and stock up on fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, meats, fish, sausages, loaves of bread, cheeses, prepared meals, products from here and a little from elsewhere. Summer and winter, the market is open. Producers and artisans are proud to present their specialties to you. Do not hesitate to have discussions with these passionate people. Their smiles are contagious, their expertise outstanding and their products delicious. Why not purchase a bouquet at the same time.

Located in Little Italy and a 4-minute walk from the Jean-Talon Metro, it may be easier to get there by public transport than by car. There is a parking lot but there is no elevator. Otherwise, there is space to park in the surrounding streets, but sometimes you have to be patient. If you’re like me, chances are you’re swayed by the aromas and colors that speak of freshness, so bring several bags.

The site opened in 1933 and was then known as the Northern Market. Fifty years later it was called Marche Jean-Talon. More than a grocery store, mostly outdoors in summer, the shops surrounding it provide a supplement with local offers and catering services.

There is sometimes one or more public entertainers. It is a festive, pleasant and warm place.

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