What to do in Montreal on a rainy day

Preparing for your vacation is exciting, determining where to go, places to see, reviewing the activities to do in line with your interests, reading and rereading, and booking but then, you arrive and it is raining!

Many of us wants to align our activities with the weather, but weather conditions cannot be predicted 1-2-3 months in advance. Come what may, we must be prepared and have alternative plans if Mother Nature upsets the perfect sky itinerary.

Know what your options are for those rainy days. I recommend the following:



Nature and environment: 

Nature – history:

Science and Technology:

  • Science Center of Montreal
  • Canadian Architecture Museum

History – archeology:

History – people and residences:

Other options that are linked to your special visit to Montreal:

Consequently, it is still possible to enjoy your visit to Montreal even on a rainy day.

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